Black and White Demure

Black and White Demure

Good afternoon on this fine crisp October Thursday. :) Some Odd Girl is continuing our ODDtober challenges today with a sweet one – Black and White.

Since it is October, the season of ghouls and macabre, I thought to create an old Black and White portrait for this challenge. Think back to all those horror movies with the black and white portraits on the wall watching you. ;) To accomplish this I picked the wonderful Demure. Her look was exactly what I was looking for.

Black and White Demure

The design is pretty simple. I didn’t want the black paper to be so flat, so I create two panels by tearing a middle panel diagonally across the paper. Some Lawn Fawn slit border action and I was satisfied.

As much as I love black and white, this needed a pop of color, which it got with the use of flat-backed wine red pearls. It almost looks like drop of blood, no? :)

ODDtober has been a blast so far and only 10 more days left! I’m looking forward to our fabulous Halloween Blog Hop, I hope you are too!

Let's Party Card

Let’s Party like it’s ODDtober

Hello my friends! It is another fabulous ODDtober challenge today. To see all the lovely inspiration and the theme for this challenge, head over to the Some Odd Girl Blog.

As for my own sample for today’s challenge I used the absolutely wonderful On Safari Clear Stamp set with an accessory from Owl-Days (retired).

Let's Party Card

I love using non-Halloween stamps for Halloween cards. :D The lion was colored up way back in spring. I used Simon Says Stamp Hybrid Ink in Slate for the stamping, and colored him up in Copics.

The layout is actually the other half of a previous card I did with the newest Vampire Bunny. I just love those stitches! I think it all fits ODDtober so well, so don’t forget to play along with us as well. :)


ODDtober begins with milk and cookies

I can’t believe it is October. This is by far my favorite month, especially since it is also ODDtober! A whole month of challenges and prizes from Some Odd Girl. 😆

For this first challenge I played with my favorite stamp Cookies n Milk Clear Stamp. A little Halloween coloring to make it truly ODD and it fit the challenge theme.


These two little “ghoul” friends are just adorable. I imagine that Cookie tastes like a sugar cookie such chocolate chips while Milk is strawberry but with line green coloring. Yummy 😜


Hippo Digital Stamp Card

Hippo Digital Stamp Inspiration

So this didn’t get published when it was supposed to but here ya go anyway. 😆 Good day my friends! Another week of craftiness gone and another post up on the Some Odd Girl Blog. This time I’m sharing an inspirational card with Hippo Digital Stamp.

Hippo Digital Stamp Card

Hippo Digital Stamp Card

I may have mentioned this before, but I usually plan out my cards in the Silhouette Studio app. This helps me visualize what I need and if I want something cut out, it is already there. :) With that in mind, I wanted to show you how this card was supposed to look.

Hippo preThe chevron background ended up on the inside of the card, adding a good weight to the back. The text sentiment was a mistake though. I had originally created the silhouette file on my desktop and then using my lap top cut everything out, however I didn’t have the same fonts on the two computers so the program substituted the original. :( I’ll make sure to not make that mistake again though!

Hippo Digital Stamp Details

Hippo close

Image: Hippo Digital Stamp (Some Odd Girl)
C0, C1, C3, C5, C7, C9

Not too many colors here, I was actually going for a more soft look. When working with greys, it is so important to use a light touch. Too often can the image become too grey, which makes it look like a mistake. I’ve done this so often that I wanted to challenge myself with going with a light touch.

If you would like to see the muse for the card, hop over to the Some Odd Girl Blog and take a look!

Cat Wizard Card

SOG New Release Day 5

It is the last day of the Some Odd Girl new release! We have my two favorite images (from the release today), although you’ll find only Cat Wizard here. For the Foxy lady, head on over the Some Odd Girl Blog. :)

Cat Wizard Card

Cat Wizard Card

This is by far a fav layout of mine as well. I find it so interesting to blow up a digital image and color only a part of the image. It adds for such interest!

I fell so much in love with the MFT Stitched Edges that I bought Lawn Fawn’s Stitched Borders. The straight dies will allow me to do pretty much whatever I can think of. ;) For this card I went with a square border.

The circle background stamps are no-name clear stamps I just bought on the cheap. Not great quality, but I like the added interest to my background. Plus, it continues the “stitched” look.

Cat Wizard Details

Cat Wizard image

Image: Cat Wizard digital stamp (Some Odd Girl)
Cat: YR02, YR07, YR21, E31, E35
Cape/hat: E23, E25, E27, E29
Wood/Rope: E55, E57, E59 
Bag: E51, E53, E55, E57, E59
Blue: B28, B95, B97
Red: R24, R59
Gold: YR26, YR28

I used lots of browns in this one, wanting to play with the subtle nuance differences between the E50’s and E20’s. While I’m loving the way the cat came out, I have to admit that wasn’t my intention. :) In the middle of laying down my first two layers the LO had a major fight with her last feed – the milk won and was promptly launched onto the hubby and I had to go help clean them both up. Lol When I came back those layers had tried, so I ran with it as it was. I did laid down my lightest YR color (YR21) and then blended in some YR02. The result came out quite well and I hope to do that style of coloring again – on purpose!

BunnyVampire card

SOG New Release Day 4

For Day 4 of our wonderful Some Odd Girl new release we have the cutest most terrifying bunny ever – Bunny Vampire!

I hope you have been following along on the Some Odd Girl Blog. There is just too many images for me to have had done here, plus we have some really talented ladies – so check ’em out!

Bunny Vampire Card

Bunny Vampire Card

Ack this layout! I’m totally in love with it. Again, I used the MFT Stitched Basic Edges. One of the reasons why I picked that die set versus others was due to the fact that there are four different edges to choose from.

The papers are from the Glitz Raven collection. I liked the idea of using the orange behind the black to give off a harvest moon rising behind a hill that Bunny Vampire is standing on. :) A little whimsical gold stamping on top adds a little surreal bling to the whole thing.

Bunny Vampire Details

Bunny Vampire

Image: Bunny Vampire digital stamp (Some Odd Girl)
Bunny: N0, N1, R00, R22, R24
Cape: C3, C5, C7, C9
Necklace: Y13, Y17, Y28
Shadows: BV20, BV23

I’m seriously pleased with my coloring on this one. The white bunny has shadows in all the right places, yet looks a little menacing with that reddish nose of his. The cape, though, is my favorite. I’m so happy with how it turned out. It just goes to show how much better your markers can be when maintained! ;)


SOG New Release Day 3

Here we are on Day 3 of the SOG New Release with Sorceress in Training! The new images so far have been awesome! The Design Team has also rocked their samples – so check ’em out!

Sorceress in Training Card


I bought the most awesome dies for my birthday. They are the My Favorite Things STITCHED BASIC EDGES Die-Namics. Seriously – why haven’t I bought them before? I love everything about the dies! It made quick work of a layout, so that I could concentrate on other things – like a drooling, giggling, sleepy baby. :)

Sorceress in Training Details

Sorceress in Training image

Image: Sorceress in Training (Some Odd Girl)
Skin: E000, E00, E21, E11
Hair: E11, E13, E15, E19
Hat/Coat/Boots: C3, C5, C7, C9
Cape: V01, V04, V06, V09
Gloves: Y06, Y15, Y17
Owl: E31, E33, E35, E37
Staff: V04, V06, V09, E55, E57
Broom: Y21, Y26, Y28

I couldn’t help myself with her coloring. Magic-wielding women have red hair – at least according the hubby. ;) I also though she looked more like she was cleaning out cobwebs so the yellow rubber gloves came out!

Sharkcat Card

SOG New Release Day 2

Well hello and Happy Tuesday! We are celebrating Day 2 of our Halloween release over on the Some Odd Girl Blog, so don’t forget to hop over there for more samples and see the second image released today!

What can I say about my own card? I LOVE it! The image is such a fun one, who doesn’t want a cat in a shark costume?!?

Shark Cat Card

Sharkcat Card

I decided to do a non-Halloween card for this guy, because his awesomeness extends far beyond one night of the year, even if that night is the bestest ever!

The cardbase is also from Some Odd Girl! The tag coming out is so awesome, and it is exactly that that makes it so different than others. If you haven’t checked them out before, take a look at all the SOG cardbases here. :) The svg’s are silly easy to import into the Silhouette library or Sure Cuts Alot.

Shark Cat Details

Shark Cat Close

Image: Shark Cat (Some Odd Girl)
Cat: E40, E41, E23, E25, E27, E29
Shark: BV20, BV23, BV25, 0

I went for a pretty realistic shark costume. The blue-grey violets really produced the look I was going for, however, to add a little whimsy, I did add a red stripe to the teeth – a little homage to the shark cat riding a roomba.

I’ve been playing around with how my critters look. I have go-to color combos and after awhile it isn’t as challenging. Also, when I color an image like this it is easier for me to break it into sections that I can work 5-10 minutes at a time on.

2016 new release

SOG New Release Day 1

Hello and welcome to September! Over on the Some Odd Girl blog, we are celebrating a week long SOG New Release!

I’m so excited for all the wonderful images. So hop over and take a look at what scarily good digital stamp is available today!

2016 new release

Also, stay tuned here at The Zadis Project for my own samples for the rest of the week. Two of the SOG New Release images are used in non-Halloween cards. ;)

Nerd Bird Card

Nerd Bird is the Word.

Bird. Bird. Bird is the word. da da dada da. :) Now that you have the song stuck in your head I wanted to show you a card that I made using Nerd Bird by Some Odd Girl.

Nerd Bird Card

Nerd Bird Card

A lovely little layout from the Silhouette Store and Cloud 9 digital papers from Tracie Stroud really make this card interesting. The hexagon cut outs are super cool, as well as it using lots of different papers, which always adds more interest.

I added some subtle stamping on the corners – to  hide a rip in the card. (gasp!) However, I really like how the stamping adds just a bit of dimension to the otherwise boring kraft.

Nerd Bird Details

Nerd Bird Digital Stamp

Image: Nerd Bird from Some Odd Girl
E31, E33, E35, E37
E55, E57, E59, E79
Eyes: Y06, Y15, Y17
Beak: N3, N6, N8

Mixing and matching browns for Nerd Bird was a bit hard, but fun. I love my E30’s, but owls have a lot of dimension and dark wings so I went with the E50’s to get that contrast. The bright golden eyes came out so well!

I created this card for the newest Some Odd Girl Facebook challenge. To find out what the challenge is, head over the group!

Also, we have a fun Halloween release coming up, so keep your eye out for that!