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Good Afternoon/Morning! We have an absolutely lovely new release for you today from Some Odd Girl!

The Cards

Tired Owl New Release Card

Nerd Bird New Release Card

The Details

Both Tired Owl (top) and Nerd Bird (bottom) are colored up with Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers (links below!). I've had some mojo issues lately, so I'm sticking to CAS until further notice! That and I really wanted to just play with coloring the images. 😀

I chose the coffee theme for Tired Owl because well, when I'm tired I want coffee - especially on those pesky Monday mornings. 😉 His big, round eyes and that slightly frazzled look seriously cried out for a good ol' cup o' joe. I'm not quite sure why I flipped him upside down, but I like it! I even drew in the branch he is perched on. I'm being more bold with drawing in simple background pieces - not to mention borders.

Nerd Bird is just a great image to color and no clear theme jumped out at me, so I browsed through the Some Odd Girl Loopy Sentiments until I saw one I wanted to use. When the sentiment was printed I wanted a more watercolor quality to it, so I went over with one of the Zigs (in a shade darker than the ink).

The Owl Images

Tired Owl Image

Nerd Bird image

Owl Image Details

Image: Tired Owl (Some Odd Girl digital stamp)
Bird: Light Gray (91), Mid Gray (96), Dark Gray (95)
Eyes/Beak/Talons: Yellow (50), Bright Yellow (52), Mustard (67)
Branch: Beige (72), Brown (60), Dark Brown (62)
Blue: Light Blue (36)

Image: Nerd Bird (Some Odd Girl digital stamps)
Bird: Beige (72), Brown (60), Dark Brown (62)
Eyes/Beak/Talons: Yellow (50), Bright Yellow (52), Mustard (67)

For both owls I used a combination of blending - light marker blending with darker markers and with a waterbrush. I also dabbed excess water off the faces to further increase the contrast.

I'm already have a fav brown color combo and the grays are so much fun to play with. I chose Mid Gray as my mid color, because it has a slightly brown tone to it. Other options would have been Blue Gray and even Green Gray - I love that!

The Owls the Limit Recipe

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  • Penny

    07/09/2015 at 23:05

    Adorable CAS designs! Really love your coloring! :^)
    Hugs, Penny